How can Capacity Connection help you?

We can do just about anything that you don't want to do (except for making recommendations - you can't absolve yourself of your AR responsibilities), or find to be tedious or boring and have been putting off for a rainy day! Even if it isn't on the price list - just reach out to Kristel and we are sure we will be able to help you.

On top of the usual SOA generation services, we can also assist in all back-office administration, as well as running data remediation projects and helping you generate insurance quotes for all those clients you have with insurers who are jacking up their level premiums.

No job is too big or too small - if you need a generic admin task completed that only takes a few minutes - we will only charge you for those few minutes - our team are superstars at recording and tracking their time spent!

  • Pre-Statement of Advice
  • What tasks can we help with?

    • Workflow mapping
    • Fact find input into software
    • File note input into software
    • Email authority to provide information
    • Product research (insurance/super/investment)
    • Product comparison (insurance/super/investment)
    • Insurance quotes
    • Strategy document and cashflow preparation
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  • Statement of Advice Development
  • What tasks can we help with?

    • Complete SOA
    • Superannuation / retirement modelling
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  • Advice Implementation
  • What tasks can we help with?

    • Prepare on-line applications
    • Follow up insurance applications
    • Arrange and follow up medical requirements
    • Follow up super rollovers
    • Save all documentation and notes in advice software
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  • On-going
  • What tasks can we help with?

    • Generate client review lists
    • Change of address
    • Complete ROA
    • Prepare review presentation documents
    • Generate reverse fact find
    • Prepare fee disclosure statements
    • Prepare opt-in notices
    • Prepare auto-rebalancing reports
    • Follow-up lapse / dishonour policies / cancellations
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Pricing is based on the individual tasks and we can also develop bespoke services and pricing. Please contact us for a detailed discussion.

Would you like to discuss further?

We'd love to get in touch and we welcome any enquiry that you may have