What is Capacity Connection?

We have an awesome team of paraplanners located in Vietnam (HCMC), Malaysia (KL) and the Philippines (Manila) - hopefully you enjoy the heading images on each page of our site, which pay homage to the beautiful cities we operate in! They are supported by our incredible team leader, Ben (who is our workflow superstar and been with us since Day 1) and Kristel, our GM here in Sydney who looks after quality control and business growth. Kristel, in turn, is supported by an outstanding board of directors who have a proven track record of providing excellent support to financial advisers.

Our paraplanners are well-trained in all facets of the advice process via multiple platforms and CRMs, with our favourites being XPLAN and AdviserLogic.

Our team can also seamlessly slot into your existing processes and can assist in the implementation of new processes if required to enhance the efficiency of your business.

Cyber safety is a top priority for us which means we only access client data from your CRM and all information is therefore maintained by you. For this reason, we will ask you to provide us with a login to your CRM and our preference is to adopt Multi-Factor Authentication.

Working in a similar time-zone to Australia means our team can work with advisers in real-time. Advisers’ working days can effectively be extended as some of our team’s working day finishes up to 3-4 hours after 5pm AEST.


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